Making Holiday Donations ?

Thinking about donating to someone on the http://www.studentloanlist.com?   Are you looking for a place to donate where you know the money you send goes for the cause you want ? Well, here it is !!!  If you make a donation to someone on the list and pay by credit card, 94% of your donation will be applied to the students school loan debt. 6% is held back for pay pal processing fees and bookkeeping expenses. If you make a donation by check —-thats even better !  100% of your donation will be sent to pay on  the students school loan debt.

So please consider the StudentLoanList when you think about holiday giving.  Choose a student from the school, career or state of your choice. Every little bit helps !



Show your support for the StudentLoanList ! Donations are always welcome to help with operating expenses. It’s simple to donate – just click on the DONATE button. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. While our operating expenses are minimal, they do add up over time. Thank you!


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