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Every year around the holidays I get e mails with numbers and statistics showing how non profit agencies are using donated funds to pay for thousands or in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars for salaries, operating costs, advertising and other things. The point being that you may think you are donating a certain dollar amount toward a certain cause, and only a small amount of your money is used for the purpose intended.
Not so at www.StudentLoanList.com
The owner/manager makes no salary.
Donations for registered students made by check have nothing subtracted for operating costs! Yes, that’s right 100% of your donation will go toward the students debt. Donations made by credit card will have 6% subtracted and the balance will go toward the students debt. The 6% is to cover credit card processing fees and bookkeeping expenses.
So please consider the StudentLoanList when you think about holiday giving. The future leaders of our country are saddled with massive student loan debt and they need help.


If you would like to make a donation toward the operating expenses of the StudentLoanList, please click on the PayPal button. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. While our operating expenses are minimal they do add up over time. Thank you.


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