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Student Debt Can Be A Real Struggle

October 28th, 2013 — 1:48am

College Tuition is increasing each year while  the cost of living is increasing.  A loaf of bread that cost  less than a dollar a few years ago is now $2.50. Unemployment is still high. Employers are able to be very choosy about who they hire. Getting an education  helps you become more marketable. But how do you pay for college ?  Relatively few students get scholarships. Student loans are readily available and seem painless as they provide the funds to pursue your education. But when you graduate and the student loan payments now become due, it can be a real shock to the pocket book as you try to struggle to get started in life and you have $200,$400, $600 or more that is due each month for the student loans.   And that must be paid in addition to  rent, utilities, transportation, medical and other expenses.  The StudentLoanList is a place where students and recent graduates can ask for help with the cost of their education.  Have you ever donated to a charity ?  Do you know how much of your  donated dollar goes to administrative and other costs ? Typically it is just a small part of your money that actually reaches the people you hope to help.  At the StudentLoanList   94%  of  each donation is sent as a payment on the selected students loan debt.





If you would like to make a donation toward the operating expenses of the StudentLoanList website, please click on the link below. Any and all donations are appreciated.


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